Data Interchange Online Help


DI components, baseline assumptions, legacy files

Data Subscription

Instructions for subscribing to data model files

Data Interchange Software

Guide to Data Interchange software

Set up a DI Environment

How to set up a new standard DI implementation

Upgrading a DI Environment

How to upgrade your existing DI environment

GUI Installer Guide

Guide to install the MMS Data Model, tables, indexes

Participant Data Replication

Instructions for using the PDR components

Data Sharing

How to share data with another participant ID


Help with architecture, data management, database and file issues, error messages, and monitoring

Data Model Reports

Download the latest reports and table to file mappings

Software Releases

Download the latest DI and DM software

Release Notes

Information about installing DM versions

Technical Specifications & FAQs

Information about the changes in recent Data Model versions

DI Glossary

Data Interchange terms and abbreviations

Market Data

Access a range of market data