Demand Side Participation Information Portal

The Demand The amount of power consumed at any time Side Participation Information Portal (DSPIP Demand Side Participation Information Portal) is a National Electricity Rules See Relevant Rules or Procedures (NER National Electricity Rules. The rules made under the National Electricity Law (NEL). They govern the day-to-day operations of the National Electricity Market (NEM) and provide the framework for network regulation.) mechanism for AEMO Australian Energy Market Operator to collect DSP Demand Side Participation information from participants for electricity load forecasts. It consists of a series of self-service web forms for users to provide DSP information.

The DSPIP offers several methods to submit DSP information:

  • Entering information through the web interface forms.
  • Uploading CSV files in the DSPIP.
  • Any combination of manually entering information and uploading CSV files.

You also have the option to download the data for their complete submission as a ZIP file containing CSV files. This can be done even if data is manually entered in the DSPIP.

If you intend to upload data using CSV files, see Guide to Demand Side Participation CSV Files for information about CSV file structure and requirements.

The following sections explains how to submit DSP information in the DSPIP. Consider the most appropriate path for your situation: whether you have DSP information to submit or not.