Technical Guide to MSATS

This information is a supplement to MSATS Market Settlement and Transfer Solutions. The procedures published by AEMO under clause 7.2.8 of the National Electricity Rules, which include those governing the recording of financial responsibility for energy flows at a connection point, the transfer of that responsibility between market participants, and the recording of energy flows at a connection point. B2M Business-to-Market policies, procedures, and guides providing an understanding of MSATS functionality and business rules. It is helpful for:

  • New participants building their IT systems to interact with AEMO Australian Energy Market Operator’s.
  • Registered Participants:
    • Creating and receiving participant CATS Transactions.
    • Requiring NMI information from MSATS. Especially, the records they can expect from a NMI Discovery search.
    • IT staff involved in managing interfaces with MSATS.
  • Anyone wanting an understanding of MSATS functionality, business rules, and roles.
  • Support staff.