Reports and Alerts

About reports and alerts

The Reports menu provides access for both CATS Customer Administration and Transfer Solution. A set of procedures, principles and obligations made under the National Electricity Rules as part of Market Settlement and Transfer Solutions (MSATS), and applicable to NMI (National Metering Identifier) small and large classifications. (Consumer An end use customer of energy. Administration and Transfer Future Transfer Submission Solution) and MDM Meter Data Management system includes the Profile Preparation Service, Basic Meter Profiling, and Data Aggregation. (Metering Data Management) reports. The report information available depends on your MSATS Market Settlement and Transfer Solutions. The procedures published by AEMO under clause 7.2.8 of the National Electricity Rules, which include those governing the recording of financial responsibility for energy flows at a connection point, the transfer of that responsibility between market participants, and the recording of energy flows at a connection point. Role The role a company has with a connection point in CATS. A single company can have more than one role associated with a NMI., your access rights, and the jurisdiction where the relating NMI See Relevant Rules or Procedures resides.

Reports are in XML eXtensible Mark-up Language. format, delivered in a .ZIP file and retrieved from the Participant Outbox; they are not displayed directly on the interface. Reports must be acknowledged as soon as possible to ensure they are removed from the participant outbox (Data Load Import).

Almost immediately after a file is acknowledged, MSATS moves it from the Participant Outbox to an archive folder where it remains for some time. If you accidentally acknowledge a report before saving it, you can try retrieving it from the archive folder, Data Load Import.

For details about the aseXML A standard for energy transactions in XML. A set of schemas and usage guidelines that define how data should be exchanged under FRC in the gas and electricity industries in Australia. report format, see Guidelines for Development of A Standard for Energy The unit must be a generator for the service type: ‘energy’. Loads cannot bid for mandatory restrictions capacity. Transactions in XML (aseXML).