MT PASA Offer Format and Validation

Describes the MT PASA Medium Term Projected Assessment of System Adequacy. A 24-month supply demand forecast, published weekly, with daily resolution. Offer Energy, Dispatch, FCAS Offer, MNSP, MTPASA Bid or Offer submission csv Comma Separated Values. A file format for data using commas as delimiters. Payload The content in the csv file. For example: For APIs, it is the data sent by a POST request that sits after the API header. For MSATS transactions, it is the data wrapped in the standard aseXML wrapper. For NEM reports it is the csv payload compressed in a zip file. format for Scheduled Generators See Relevant Rules or Procedures and Market Customers submitting and maintaining MT PASA Projected Assessment of System Adequacy. except executable files e.g., .DLLs, .LIBs and .EXEs with the user mentioned. See National Energy Rules Offers.