NEM Reallocations

The electricity Reallocation Request Service Refers to Reallocation web applications for any Market (Reallocations Reallocation Request Service. See Relevant Rules or Procedures) enables Reallocations Registered Participants to create, submit, authorise, and view Reallocations in accordance with the Reallocation Procedures on AEMO Australian Energy Market Operator's website.

All reallocations must be submitted and authorised through the Reallocation Request Service in the Markets Portal.

At each settlement run, AEMO’s Energy The unit must be a generator for the service type: ‘energy’. Loads cannot bid for mandatory restrictions capacity. Market Systems automatically copies Reallocation A reallocation transaction, as defined in the NER details from Reallocations to the Settlements See Relevant Rules or Procedures system. The Settlements system includes this data in settlements calculations and incorporates the results in participants’ weekly settlement statements.