Markets Portal Help

About the Markets Portal

Assistance using the Markets Portal Help

API Reference

Help using AEMO APIs

Connecting to Market Systems

Explains the IT interfaces and how to access them

CSV Format Standard

Describes the csv format used in the market systems

Data Interchange

Data Subscription, Data Delivery, Performance Monitor

Data Interchange Help

Framework, Glossary, Software, Reports, PDR replication, Data Model, Troubleshooting

Declared Wholesale Gas Markets (DWGM)

Describes the Capacity Certificate and Transfer interface in DWGM


Distributed Energy Resources Register


Electricity Market Management System

Forecasting and Planning

Demand Side Participation


Gas Bulletin Board


Gas Supply Hub

Information Systems

Information about AEMO's market systems


Market Settlement and Transfer System

Portfolio Management System

Describes the Portfolio Management System


Access to AEMO provided software

Supply Forecasting

Generator Surveys

System Security

VAr Dispatch instructions

Technical Specifications

Release schedules and technical specifications

TLS Certificate Management

Help about self-managing TLS Certificates

User Rights Management

Explains the user access rights for the Markets Portal